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Monday, February 20, 2012

4 Simple Steps to Creating a Vanity URL for Your Amazon Author Central Page

Amazon now allows authors to create a "vanity URL" or personalized web address that points to their Author Central page on Amazon.

Author Central is a great place to feature your bio, videos, and latest tweets and blog posts. It's especially important for authors with more than one title for sale on Amazon, because it shows a summary of all of your books.

My vanity URL looks like this:

Here are four simple steps to creating your own Amazon Author Central vanity URL:

1. Login to your Amazon Author Central account. If you don't already have an Author Central account, you can create one at this same page:

2. Click on the Profile tab.

3. Click on the Add Link button at the top right of the page, next to Author Page URL.

4. Enter your preferred URL name and click Save. Most authors will probably use their author name in the URL, but give it some consideration first, because you can't change it once it's assigned.

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Lisa said...

I changed my link to read as: but when the page comes up, it reads like this:

? not sure why ? do you?

Thank you,
author of At the End of the Day

Terry Cordingley said...

It looks like that's just how Amazon identifies your page. The important thing is your vanity link takes you to the correct page.

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