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Friday, April 1, 2011

Marketing With Viral Video

By now, you may have heard of the music video "Friday" by Rebecca Black.  The vanity music video featuring the 13-year-old "singer" has been called by some "the worst music video...ever."  Still, that hasn't stopped people from watching it and posting it to their Facebook and MySpace profiles.  The last time I checked, "Friday" has had more than 65 million views on YouTube, and people are buying the song on ITunes.  One business article I read indicated Black stood to make at least a million dollars from the video that has been vilified by many.

In a word, the video has gone "viral."  Imagine if you could harness that kind of advertising power behind your book!  What elements cause a video to go viral?

They get people talking.  Viral videos are usually humorous, but others elicit a strong emotional response, such as empathy, or even anger.  The videos make people say to their friends "you have to see this."

The video gets shared...a lot  Once people start talking about the video, you want them to share it.  You want it posted on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, on blogs, etc.  Posting a video to YouTube and making it easy to share is key.  More than 10,000 videos are uploaded to YouTube every day.

The video looks like it could have been done by anybody.  If the video looks like it was shot by a Hollywood video on a big budget, it's probably not going to go viral.  If it looks like it was shot with a cell phone camera in somebody's bathroom, and it's funny, it has a better chance of going viral.  Like these guys:

Book trailers are great, an every author should have one.  But, if you have a video that can somehow incorporate your book and it goes viral, the sky is the limit.


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