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Monday, March 21, 2011

Persistence Pays Off

I have mentioned here previously that one of the biggest mistakes authors make is that they get discouraged too easily and quit too soon.  After running into a few bumps in the road during the marketing process, they through in the towel.  "It's too hard," they tell me.  "Isn't it good enough just to have a good book? "

In short, no.  There are a lot of good, even great, books in the marketplace that are all fighting for readership and sales.  The author that will come out ahead is the one that has done the best job of building their platform and connecting with their book's niche audience. 

I recently received this email from one of the authors I work with that illustrates the importance of persistence:

I have followed up with many of the contacts on the roster you sent. Though a lot of them never respond to my emails, I have found that they do put something in the paper about the book and the event scheduled in their area.
One of the contacts on your roster was The Eufaula Tribune newspaper in Eufaula, AL. I contacted them (twice) and finally had a response that they wanted to do an interview.  We just completed the interview and the reporter will post an article in their paper next Tuesday.  She asked for the file with the book cover picture, and pulled an author picture from my website. She also gave me the name of a gift shop in Eufaula that sells Christian fiction.  I called, talked with a lady, told her about the up-coming article in their paper, and requested a book signing there.  She was very encouraging and indicated they'd love to do a book signing for me. The owner was out, but she gave me her name and asked me to call her tomorrow. She said if she isn't in, they would give me her personal number to call.  I will email you when I have a firm date for the book signing. (How's that for positive thinking?)
You are right about needing to contact them more than once.  I've found that sometimes you have to be a squeaky wheel.  Whatever works!
For a first time author, Barnes & Noble in Columbus went well.  I was pleased. After much persistence the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer put a notice about the book signing in their paper.  Now I have to get busy and schedule some more signings.  I have had some interest from a local book club as well.  I'm praying the signing at Dove Christian this Saturday will do well, also.
If this author had not been so persistent, she would not have had as many media or book signing opportunities as she was able to get in a short period of time.  Don't wait for good things to happen to your book.  As an author, you have to make them happen.  


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