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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Best Book Recommendation Services

The folks over at Lifehacker polled their thousands of readers, and came up with a list of the Top Five preferred book recommendation services.  If you're an author looking to get more exposure for your book, it's worth checking out one of these services.  Better yet:  most of them are totally free!

Top Five, by order of popularity:

1.  GoodReads
2.  Amazon
3.  Shelfari
4.  LibraryThing
5.  GetGlue

Honorable mention:  Word-of-mouth from friend, bookstore clerk or librarian.

This poll is by no means scientific, but it's worth noting that bookstores and libraries didn't even make the Top Five.  If you have ever had any doubt about how important it is to have an online presence, this poll should be a good reminder!


Toni Nelson said...

Thank you Terry! I hadn't heard of number 5 yet...

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