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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Has This Blog Helped You?

As I plan the posts for this blog, I sometimes pause and wonder to myself, "I wonder if anyone is actually USING any of information?" The question comes up as a matter of curiosity, and also as a means of trying to serve my readers better.

Every now and then, I do receive an email from a reader who thanks me for the information, such as this comment which was recently left here:

"Terry, I happened to stumble across your blog because I Googled “Tate Publishing” as I have recently submitted a manuscript. I have to say that the tips you provide on your blog are absolutely, 100%, nothing-short-of wonderful. In one evening I read through, and took notes on pretty much all of the posts to your blog. I actually debated for about a week as to whether or not to post a comment (I was concerned that it might be misconstrued as me looking for some way to tip the scales in my favor), however, tonight, I decided to throw caution to the wind because regardless of whether or not Tate chooses to publish my book, I have to give credit where credit is due. Specifically, I have set up two different Google Alerts and as a result of those alerts, in a time period of 10 days, I have amassed a list of about 17 solid, bloggers/media contacts, that are interested in the niche market to which my book would appeal. I am all about working hard, however, my day job has taught me the value of working smart and due to the time constraints of my day job, I will need to hit the market hard in the least time consuming manner possible. The time that is saved by having Google do the work of finding the market for me is invaluable. Additionally, I am now a loyal subscriber and have already recommended your site to a friend."

I usually write my blog posts late at night, after what has already been a long but productive day at work, so these kinds of comments really make my day. It got me wondering if there were any similar stories like this out there.

So, if you are an author who has put the advice from this blog to use, I'd love to hear from you. Have you used the tips and advice from this blog? If so, how has it paid off for you? Has it helped make your marketing efforts easier, or resulted in increased sales for your book? Please leave a comment here at the end of this post. You never know...I just might use you as an endorsement when MY book is ready!


Jeff King said...

Well, I am not ready to seek publication for my book yet, so no it hasn't help me... but it will when the time come it implement your information.

So technically, yes, it does help and I do appreciate the time and info you share on your blog.


S. B. Newman said...

Your blog has helped me a great deal Terry! I have put into practice many of the networking techniques, set up a blog and a website of my own, both of which are also points of sale for my book that won't be released until later this year. Following your advice has helped me to raise much needed funds to finance the start of my own marketing program. Thanks for doing what you do.

Toni Nelson said...

Yes, and yes your blogs are helpful. Keep posting! Once I started following you, I set up a folder for all of your blogs. I actually print out each blog and highlight all areas that I want to reference back to once my book goes to print. I have found that in this speed of lighting fast world we live in, sometimes we need to stop and say thank you. So today, I'm saying thank you for the marketing information on your blog, twitter and facebook.
Soon to be published author of A Beggars Purse.
Toni Nelson

Orlando Javien Jr. said...


I've become an avid reader of your blog. On top of reading your blog I've implemented a lot of what you share.

I've become an writer for, I started a blogtalk radio channel (I haven't done anything yet). I signed up and posted writings on and

I am becoming an entrepreneur author. I'm not going to just wait to see what the publisher is going to do. It is my book and I have to be the one promoting it.

I even spoke at a church today and sold 15 books.

Your posts are really preparing me for the national release of my book, God Made Me Pick Up Underwear.

Thank you,
Orlando Javien Jr.

SandyHill-Writer said...

As an author new to the world of publishing, marketing, and promoting I want to thank you, Terry, for going the extra mile to educate and train us. I’ve taken your information and created a website, social networking, email campaign, elevator pitch, and marketing plan while waiting for Heaven, Just Believe to be released this fall. Through your articles, I’m better prepared to find my niche market and sell books. Again many thanks, I appreciate all your extra effort.
Sandy Hill

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